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Kaqun – unique water with very high oxygen content


Kaqun water helps reduce mental and physical fatigue, because it quickly boosts oxygen levels in the body.


Unique KAQUN technology transforms stable oxygen levels in the water up to 18-25mg/litre, 6-8 times more than in normal water.


Scientific studies have shown that Kaqun water delivers large quantities of oxygen directly to the cells, reducing or eliminating hypoxia.

Give your cells some oxygen!

Kaqun water is the only clinically tested water with high levels of stable, easily assimilated oxygen that can greatly increase oxygen levels in tissues.

Kaqun water is created through a complex technological process unlike anyother used to produce “oxygen-rich” water.
The oxygen contained in Kaqun water is not injected from an external source but is contained in the water itself.

Using a unique electromagnetic process, the water molecules are modified to create new, smaller and more stable clusters of oxygen that can more easily penetrate the cell membrane.

Kaqun water delivers 6 to 8 times more oxygen to our cells than normal water, effectively combating hypoxia (lack of oxygen in the cells).

The result is more energy, a stronger immune system and a rejuvenating effect.


Drinking water

Cosmetic gels

All-in-One supplements

Individual bathing tubs

All Kaqun products are available on Xede Store, official distributor for France.

Scientific studies and clinical trials

Kaqun is the only oxygen-rich water to have undergone more than 20 years of scientific studies, clinical and laboratory tests conducted at universities and government institutes, and published in scientific journals worldwide.

Studies have been carried out on both healthy and sick volunteers, on animals and in vitro, and all have highlighted the ability of Kaqun water to increase the oxygen level in tissues and confirmed its effectiveness against hypoxia.

Kaqun has a specialized medical and scientific committee and is independent of any pharmaceutical group.

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